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Features That Make Boom Beach Is Better Than Other Games

Posted on December 8, 2016  in Boom Beach Tricks

Boom Beach Tricks

When you compare the features of Boom Beach game with others then you will see that the features of the game are very interesting, unique and different from all others. In most of the games you will find that the game playing mechanics are simple, graphics are attractive as this game is also no exception but the features which makes it different from others need to be discussed in details so that you can clearly compare it with others while playing. Out of the many interesting features of the game you will find some are very significant for its popularity.

You will find that Boom Beach game has only one builder and that does not mean that it will take a long time to complete the building process as well as upgrade it. The longest time taken to upgrade is that of the HO level 20 which takes around two and a half days unlike other games which takes even weeks to finish it. When you build a defensive tower, unlock a landing craft or upgrade your HQ while building a new one in level 1, it takes merely few seconds to do it. You will find enough boom beach diamonds in the game which is necessary to speed things up by bypassing them for resource requirements for upgrades unlike other games.

There are no walls and other micromanagement objects in Boom Beach game like any other game which is a tedious process in moving around them or upgrade and arrange them. The drop zones of the unit are clearly marked and are well outside the area of the base. The layout of the base is well defined and there is no chance for you to make any mistakes in building your base incorrectly so that enemies can spawn easily into your base. There are many options to plan your base correctly so that you do not lose resources during attacks and focus on higher order placements and bigger targets.

Defending and managing your barracks and units are simple and easy with smarter options available. You can find useful interface to manage and replace your defeated units which makes the process quick and painless as well. If your unit survives an attack then you can use it immediately again for some other purpose unlike other games. When you feel that you cannot win an attack you can retreat from the battleground and preserve your unit so that you do not have to build a new unit all over again and train them.

Availability and management of resources are also very easy in the game as you can have your required number of resources and also come to know useful boom beach cheats and tricks to play the game with the help of the boom beach guide tool. Diamonds are very necessary for building and upgrading which you can also find in the tasks and challenges that you have to complete during the game. Therefore, you get all the interesting choices for upgrading, building and raiding.

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